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MEHSOM Corp is a leading Canadian beans supplier. We have a high tech Packaging and processing facility, and our experience with supply chain companies enables us to cover variable scale of operations effortlessly. Canada is one of the World’s largest grower of Lentils and Bean, has made it possible for MEHSOM Corp to become one of the largest supplier and exporter of consumer packaged beans to USA and Europe.
We are a privately-held beans exporter Company (Ontario corporation no. 5019577) working in agro-food industries with our head office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. MEHSOM Corp as a reliable beans exporter applies extensive product knowledge and know-how of palm oil, beans, lentils, pulses, Peas Supplier, peas & grains to ensure that the world’s best reaches to customers.
We are a certified beans exporter organization and have attained the highest rating since the first audit. The BRC certification has helped us secure high volume business with significant Retailers as a beans supplier in USA, Europe, and Canada.

Quality Beans Exporter in Canada

Our focus on Beans as a top-rated beans supplier, has made us the undisputed specialists in this agriculture segment and has created our niche in seamless supplier of beans and lentils required for next day shipment.
Our strengths include finding solutions irrespective of how challenging the situation is. We deliver products quickly to keep our customers ahead in the market. We also take care of shipping and logistic to any point in the world.
Our success is a combination of our team’s sincerity and dedication that is engaged in ensuring par excellence in customer service. Our procurement team and management possess diversified and professional experience working with trading companies that make us a quality beans exporter in Canada. After we provide our clients with the beans or other products, we still are associated with them for several required operations even after product delivery. We are a first choice beans supplier to our clients.


Phaseolus Vulgaris, is an herbaceous annual Crop grown for its edible dry seeds worldwide, dry Bean is the most common type of Bean consumed by the human, that is one the major Pulse Crops in the world.

In Canada, dry Bean production has increased significantly in the last three decades, with the developing new varieties of the dry Beans adapted to the environment and were pest & disease resistant. Most of the dry Beans are produced in Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta. Several varieties of Dry Beans are grown in Canada such as Navy and Black Bean, Pinto, Great Northern, Small Red and Pink Bean, Cranberry, Yellow, and Dark Red, light Red and White Kidney Bean. Bean Seed is rich in Plant-based protein, fiber, folic acid, so it is highly recommended for the vegetarian food diets.

Dark Red Kidney Bean

It is a big size dry Bean, is about 2 cm and is Kidney shape. This one can be commonly used in the stews because it is tasty. Dark Red kidney Bean is recommended for the elderly people and individual suffering from Alzheimer, because it has high concentration of Thiamin and omega3 non-saturated fatty acid.

White Kidney Bean

white kidney Beans, also known as Cannellini Beans, due to its great amount of the fiber and micronutrients, is an anti-inflammatory against chronic illness and very helpful source for people who want to lose weight.

White Navy

This is the richest in fiber and look like Pea, Navy Beans are small, oval-shaped. Navy Bean is great for mashing because it can be cooked much faster and will be creamy.

Cranberry Bean

Is also known Borlotti Beans, is a nutritious food because it contains great amount of fiber, protein and iron. It is commonly used for Salad and Pasta in Italy and also in some parts of Mexico.

Great Northern Bean

The size of great Northern Bean is classified between white Kidney and white Navy Bean. Great Northern Beans have mild and nutty flavor. They are perfect in soups and stews.

Black Bean

This is a medium-sized and oval-shaped Bean in black color, which has lots of Anthocyanin, so that could benefit the functionality of the brain. They are valued for their high protein and fiber content.

Small Red

Small Red Beans are small, oval-shaped Beans with red skin. Red Beans are smaller and rounder than red kidney Bean. It also has a mild flavor and is very popular in some countries in Americas.

Fava Bean

They are also referred to as fava bean, broad bean, horse bean, and field bean. They are a popular source of protein in many parts of the world, especially in the Middle East, Mediterranean area, and South America. Fava beans are growing in popularity in North America as consumers are seeking new tasty foods made with plant-based proteins. Fava’s are higher in protein and fibre and lower in fat and carbohydrate than other pulses. They are also gluten-free and contain no saturated fat, cholesterol or sodium.

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