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Chickpea ( Cicer Arietinum L.) is a short herbaceous annual which belongs to Legume family. Chickpea mostly originated from Southwestern Asia and Mediterranean. Chickpea plays an important role for many people diet and forms 15% of the overall pulse production in the world, it is also proven very helpful for the individual suffering from both diabetes types because it is rich in fiber so that reduces the blood cholesterol and balances blood sugar level. Chickpea can be ground into the flour in some dishes, such as Falafel, Humus and Chana Masala in India & Middle eastern countries. In Canada, two different types of Chickpeas are produced mainly in prairie provinces.

Kabuli or Garbanzo type (8,9,10 mm)

Known as: Chickpeas, Ceci, Channa, Kabuli, Garbanzo,

Large, rounded cream-colored shape seeds with a thin white coat. Kabuli Chickpea is often used as snacks in South Asia, ground into hummus in Middle eastern countries, or canned food for the salad in North America.

Desi Chickpea

Known as: Gram, Chana, Bengal gram, Kala Chana

Is a small-seeded with a thick, hard and yellow to brown colored seed coat. The desi type is usually prepared for consumption either by dehulling and splitting (Chana dal) or by dehulling and grinding into flour (besan).


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