Three Easy Steps to Sprout Lentils


How A Flaxseed Supplier Can Sprout Lentils

If you love sprouting seeds, you will enjoy learning the ways on how to sprout lentils. Every lentils supplier is sought-after as they provide high nutritional value. Lentils are rich in vitamins and minerals like calcium and magnesium, folate, and iron. The endosperm of the plant is packed with nutrients which makes it a highly edible one.

Because of the versatility of lentils, it is a popular ingredient in different cuisines worldwide. It can be eaten both raw and cooked. If you enjoy eating lentils, why not grow them at home like any other flaxseed supplier. For sure, you can save a lot from this new hobby and enjoy the project too.

Some homeowners think that the steps on how to sprout lentils require sophisticated equipment. However, this is not the case. When doing the project, you only need a wide-mouthed container, light cloth, rubber band, and of course, the dried lentils.

Lentils come in a variety of forms. You can choose the green or the brown variety depending on your personal preference. But no matter what kind of lentil you choose, they have all the ability to sprout. When choosing, it is preferable to go for the organic types. Avoid too large samples because they will require a longer time to sprout.

After choosing the variety to use, you need to consider the quantity. Dried lentils triple in size when spouted. Thus, be sure that your jar’s capacity is sufficient to hold your lentils. Wash the seeds with water to remove the chemicals attached to the skin.

Three Easy Steps to Sprout Lentils

Step 1: Soaking process

Using your sprouting jar or container, soak the lentils overnight. The time requirement varies with the size of the seeds. The larger type requires longer soaking whereas, for smaller ones, 8 hours is sufficient. Cover the jar with a light cloth and secure it using a rubber band. Place the jar in a lightly illuminated part of your house to facilitate sprouting.

Step 2: Washing phase

The next step on how to sprout lentils is to wash them after the overnight soaking. Use slow running water to remove the acids and the toxins. Drain the water thoroughly before returning the lentils to the jar. By this time, they have swollen considerably. Soak and wash them every 8 to 12 hours until they have successfully sprouted.

Usually, homeowners learning how to sprout lentils see the tiny stems appear on the third day of soaking. You can try tasting a few pieces and see if the flavor and texture fit you. If not, you can soak them again for another day.

Step 3: Final rinse

Once you achieve the texture and size that you want, wash the lentils well. They are now ready to be eaten. Mix them in your vegetable salad or with your sandwich. You can also keep the extra lentils by wrapping them in a cloth and keep them inside the refrigerator. However, you should consume them within two weeks. If you want more, you can just repeat the process of how to sprout lentils.

Wrap Up

The nutrients and flavor present in every sprouted lentil is probably the reason why articles on how to sprout lentils are quite popular. A simple process gives you a steady supply of lentils. Try this at home and see how much you will enjoy the steps on how to sprout lentils.

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