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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Exporters

We supply premium quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other types of olive oil all over the world. Extra virgin olive oil has an excellent flavor and odor and is the highest-quality grade of olive oil. Our extra virgin olive oil is made 100% from Mediterranean olives first cold pressed within 4 hours of harvest. It has a warm golden color and an olive fruit smell. The smooth delicate flavor makes it perfect for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and soap manufacturing. Our extra virgin olive oil median defect is equal to zero and our median of fruitiness is greater than zero. It has a free fatty acid content, commonly referred to as oleic acid, of less than 0.8 grams per 100 grams. We guarantee that all lots of olive oil we sell have been tested in our International Olive Council (IOC) accredited laboratory and is shipped with a Certificate of Analysis. Our product complies with the requirements of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Virgin Olive Oil

We have many different lots and flavor profiles available in our bulk extra virgin olive oil. Please contact us, if you require a specific flavor profile. Our master blenders would be pleased to create one adjusted to your required combination of taste, smell and color. Olive oil is a fluid fat obtained from olives (the product of Olea europaea; family Oleaceae), a customary tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin. The oil is created by squeezing whole olives. It is usually utilized in cooking, regardless of whether for searing or as a plate of mixed greens dressing. It is likewise utilized in beautifiers, pharmaceuticals, and cleansers, and as a fuel for conventional oil lights, and has extra uses in some religions.

There is constrained proof of its conceivable medical advantages. The olive is one of three core nourishment plants in Mediterranean food; the other two being wheat and grapes.

We supply extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, pure olive oil, olive pomace oil. Our packaging is: 946 mL (milliliter),1 Liter, 1.42 Liter,1.89 Liter, 2liter, 3liter, 5liter,16liter, …

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Why Choose Us

Quality Canada Extra Virgin Olive Oil Exporters

Mehsom Corp is one of the top Canadian Extra virgin olive oil suppliers. We are operating in the agri-business for 15 years and know the industry inside out. We have the will, capacity, and courage to fulfill the local needs as well as those of overseas.

Why Olive Oil

Whether your consumers are grilling fresh fish, whipping up a luxury salad dressing, making a colorful crudité platter, or baking a luring dessert; Mehsom Corp offers a range of aromas and tastes for them that add complementary flavors; unlike any other Canadian extra virgin olive oil exporters.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Made from the finest olives grown in Ontario, our oil features a rich taste and is well-balanced fragrant, and fresh with subtle notes of olive.

Organically Healthy:

Cold-pressed to maintain its robust nutrients, our extra virgin olive oil is packaged with unsaturated heart-healthy antioxidants and fats. They are free from Trans fat, cholesterol, GMOs, gluten, sugar, and sodium

Endless Applications:

Our extra virgin olive oil is amazing for sauces, salad dressings, and gravies. They are useful for drizzling over fruits, pasta, or sandwiches, and roasting, marinating or sautéing fish, meats, and vegetables

Try Them:

As one of the sought-after extra virgin olive oil suppliers, we offer a range of well-balanced olive oils for any taste. Our olive oils are made from olives grown in Canada

15 Years of Dedication:

Mehsom Corp, as one of the leading Canadian Extra virgin olive oil exporters, has dedicated its corporate life to offering the most exquisite olive oil. Our every olive oil’s bottle bears the signature that guarantees it will live up to the customers’ standards

Natural and sustainable:

Mehsom Corp’s natural virgin olive oils add the finishing touch to lunch, breakfast, or dinner. We always strive to create cleverly crafted, palm oil supplier long-lasting products to beat other extra virgin olive oil exporters.

Highlights of Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

• Straight out of farms

• State of readiness with robust flavor

• First cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil that hardly other extra virgin olive oil suppliers offer

• Perfect for marinades, pasta, and salad dressings. They can be used for dipping

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