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Mangement Team

Marc Zolfaghari

CEO of Mehsom Corp

Marc Zolfaghari is CEO of Mehsom Corp. He was graduated in Agricultural Business in University of Bu-Ali Sina in 2008 and studied The Master’s Biology and Ecology for Forest in university of Lorraine in France. Since 2012 He has been doing business in Agricultural products, especially Exporting Canadian crops worldwide.


Somi Maktoubian

Purchase Manager

Somi Maktoubian is purchase manager since 2014, she is graduated with Master’s degree in plant breeding & Agricultural biotechnology from Isfahan University of Technology, she worked for ministry of agriculture and Pasteur institute in Iran for 5 years. She is authorized agent by Mehsom Corp and is in direct relation with farmers in order to select products which comply with all health and safety standards for the buyers.


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Ontario, Canada

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