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We are a prominent lentils exporter of best quality. We also supply and export pulses and grains produced in Canada and sell to our valued customers globally. MEHSOM Corp is a Canadian lentils exporter and supply premium quality Canadian Lentils, Grains, pulses, oil seeds and dried fruits. WE have a client-base around the globe. We are customer-centric and thrive to provide high quality grains to our retailers and other customers for their satisfaction through on time delivery and at highly competitive prices.
As a prominent lentils supplier, we offer all kinds of Canadian lentils and grains in bulk quantity on ad-hoc or contract basis.
To be a reliable lentils supplier, we provide reliable services that are related to our customers. We also provide peas, seeds and grains with proper customer support for long-term client base. We acquire services from qualified professionals and put in their entire effort to provide our products smoothly and effectively.
At MEHSOM Corp, we provide a special emphasis on the operational elements that lead to a strong shipping and delivery process. We are a lentils exporter that initiates all of the processes from scratch which means we carry out a detailed meeting with our clients and ask questions regarding their needs and expectations. Buyer’s requirement always remains our priority. As a responsible Pistachios Supplier, we curtail the ordered quantity based upon our clients’ needs and expectations so that it further adds to the progress of our customers.
Our success is due to our professional team’s dedication, which is engaged in ensuring par excellence in customer service. Our management and procurement team possess diversified and professional experience working with trading companies that make us a quality lentils exporter in Canada. After we provide our clients with the lentils or other products, we still are associated with them for several required operations even after product delivery. We are a frist choice lentils supplier to our clients.


Lentil is a self-pollinating and Leguminous seed which belongs to Lens Culinaris species and Legume (Fabaceae) family. The name of Lentil comes from Lens. Lentil is classified in early maturity and post maturity types. This plant is widely grown in Canada, mostly in prairie provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba), among them Saskatchewan accounts over 90% of the production, because there is a cooler temperature and a better soil texture. Lentil is rich in fiber that can reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels and prevent heart diseases. Canada is one of the major producers and exporters of the Lentil in the world and accounts around 80% of the global export. The most common types of Lentils grown in Canada are Large green Lentil (Laird-type) and Red Lentil.

Green Lentils

Laird Lentil are Large lentils (6-7 mm) in diameter have a green seed coat and yellow cotyledon that weighs 65-75/1000 seeds. In some European countries, Laird Lentil is known as the plate lentil due to its bigger size.

Medium Green Lentils

The medium green type lentil is called Richlea(5-6mm) that is with green seed coat and yellow cotyledon that weighs 55-60 grams/1000 seeds.

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Small Green Lentils

The Small green lentil called Eston (4-5 mm) with green seed coat and yellow cotyledon that weighs 35-40 grams/1000 seeds. They are pale green, slightly speckled, and have a texture that holds its shape firmly.

Red Lentils

Whole red lentil is called Crimson lentils (Lens Esculenta), is a reddish-orange in color that is rich in protein. These Lentils cook much faster than others.

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Split Red Lentils

Split Red Lentil is made from splitting a whole red lentil. The skin is removed and the remaining reddish-orange seed is split in two halves forming a product that is faster cooking.

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