Phaseolus Vulgaris, is an herbaceous annual crop grown for its edible dry seeds worldwide, dry bean is the most common type of bean consumed by the human, that is one the major pulses crop in the world.

In Canada, dry beans production has increased significantly in the last three decades, with the developing new varieties of the dry beans adapted to the environment and were pest & disease resistant. Most of the dry beans are produced in Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta. Several varieties of Dry beans are grown in Canada such as navy and black bean, pinto, great northern, small red and pink bean, cranberry, yellow, and dark red, light red and white kidney bean. Bean seed is rich in plant-based protein, fiber, folic acid, so it is highly recommended for the vegetarian food diets.


Pea (Pisum Sativum) belongs to Fabaceae family. Peas are harvested in both early mature and late mature phases. They are consumed as the fresh vegetable or can food in the immature step and used as the animal food and industrial ingredients such as flour, starch, protein. Peas are grown in Canada in both forms of vegetable (Central to east) and dry (West). Canada is currently the largest producer and exporter of peas worldwide and has been proven the fifth largest field crop in Canada. Green peas are very rich in some minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium, so it can balance blood pressure and keeps the heart work out more properly.


Chickpea ( Cicer Arietinum L.) is a short herbaceous annual which belongs to Legume family. Chickpea mostly originated from Southwestern Asia and Mediterranean. Chickpea plays an important role for many people diet and forms 15% of the overall pulse production in the world, it is also proven very helpful for the individual suffering from both diabetes types because it is rich in fiber so that reduces the blood cholesterol and balances blood sugar level. Chickpea can be ground into the flour in some dishes, such as Falafel, Humus and Chana Masala in India & Middle eastern countries. In Canada, two different types of Chickpeas are produced mainly in prairie provinces.


Lentil is a self-pollinating and Leguminous seed which belongs to Lens Culinaris species and Legume (Fabaceae) family. The name of Lentil comes from Lens. Lentil is classified in early maturity and post maturity types. This plant is widely grown in Canada, mostly in prairie provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba), among them Saskatchewan accounts over 90% of the production, because there is a cooler temperature and a better soil texture. Lentil is rich in fiber that can reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels and prevent heart diseases. Canada is one of the major producers and exporters of the Lentil in the world and accounts around 80% of the global export. The most common types of Lentils grown in Canada are Large green Lentil (Laird-type) and Red Lentil.