We are a Prominent Peas Supplier in Canada

MEHSOM Corp is a Canadian peas supplier that securely delivers Canadian pulses, oil seeds and cereal grains to various buyers in Canada and worldwide. We value and establish long-term relationship with our buyers and producers.
We are able to supply our clients with the high quality peas. Our strengths always include finding solutions irrespective of situations and challenges. We deliver peas quickly to provide our clients an edge in the industry.
As a prominent Beans Supplier in Canada, we also take care of logistic and shipping to any point globally. We have a strong and long-term relationships with our clients and we highly value relationship with them and producers. We dedicatedly obey to our clients for improved product and service quality. MEHSOM Corp emphasizes on integrity, sincerity and fairness in all aspects of its business.
Our success is a combination of our professional team’s hard work and dedication, which is engaged in ensuring par excellence in customer service. Our management and procurement team possess diversified and professional experience working with trading companies that make us a quality peas exporter in Canada.

Quality Peas Exporter in Canada

We provide yellow Peas grown in the fields of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. It is one fourth of an inch in diameter and normally a whole pea split into two parts. We also supply whole green peas as a peas exporter that are about 6-7mm in volume and normally pale green in appearance. They have slight and mild sweet flavor and can be eaten as snack. Apart from snacks they provide variety of uses.
As a leading peas exporter, we also supply and export yellow peas about 6-7mm in diameter. They are taken in stews and soups and have a bit different taste compared to green peas. When bifurcated, they produce a split pea that is more vibrant, darker and yellow in color. We are also approached by various B2B buyers for split green peas as a reputed peas supplier in Canada.
We also sell marrowfat peas that were introduced by Japan because of favorable climate. So, if you need either a reliable peas supplier or peas exporter, MEHMOS Corp is the right choice for you.


Pea (Pisum Sativum) belongs to Fabaceae family. Peas are harvested in both early mature and late mature phases. They are consumed as the fresh vegetable or can food in the immature step and used as the animal food and industrial ingredients such as flour, starch, protein. Peas are grown in Canada in both forms of vegetable (Central to east) and dry (West). Canada is currently the largest producer and exporter of peas worldwide and has been proven the fifth largest field crop in Canada. Green peas are very rich in some minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium, so it can balance blood pressure and keeps the heart work out more properly.

Green Peas

Green peas are small and spherical seeds that come from pods produced by the Pisum sativum plant. The nutrients of the green peas could provide the antioxidant and ani-inflammatory benefits, also it has a very low content of the fat.

Split Green

Split green peas are a variety of green peas grown specifically for drying. When these peas are hulled and then split in half along the natural seam, they become green split peas.

Yellow Peas

Around one quarter inch wide with a light-yellow color skin, they are slightly larger than green peas. They have a mild, slightly sweet flavor and soft texture. They are nutritious seeds, can be used to lower the heart-related diseases.

Split Yellow peas

Split yellow peas are made from whole peas that have been de-hulled and split in half, they are excellent in soups and stews in middle east and more specially in Persian cuisine.

Marrowfat Peas

Marrowfat is a traditional, starchy, large-seeded variety of pea. They were formerly called a “plump” pea. It was first introduced to U.K one century ago by the Japanese due to favorable climate for growing peas. It is also a traditional English diet, and great amount of that is annually processed for the snack food.

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