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Mehsom Corp (Mehsom) has become a go-to Raisins Supplier for many B2B buyers inside and outside Canada. We process, grow, package and deliver quality raisins to the retail market. You can find our raisins and other products in shopping carts and checkout stands across the globe.
As a popular raisins exporter, we have direct access to the best nut and agri-food industrial areas in Canada. With us, you are connected with exceptional dry fruits and other products supplier. We offer highly vetted raisins. All industry certified.


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Whatever your scale of business is, if you need raisins, you can count on Mehsom to deliver the quality along with the service you deserve. Our expert sales team would help you in getting what you need. As a responsible raisins supplier will deliver your order by our shipping support direct to you from our logistic partners.

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B2b customers have always been a significant part of success. So, whether you’re a corner retail shop or a commercial factory, as a Pistachios Supplier, we have the fillings, mixes, and flavors you require to make your clients smile. Also, we make conscious efforts to curate lasting relationships with our clients.


We believe high-quality agricultural products should not come at an environmental cost. As a conscious raisins supplier, we are dedicated to doing everything to sustain and protect the environment. We return vineyard shavings from harvesting and pruning back to the soil as compost to enrich the soil organically and reduce waste.

Iran Raisin

The history of raisin: The raisin was discovered accidentally, many years before Christ. People ate grapes but did not know that if they were to dry the grape, it would become this useful and delicious dried fruit called the raisin. Historians claim that the Phoenicians and Armenians were the first nations to produce raisins. Phoenicians established vineyards in Spain and Greece that were fitting for cultivating raisins and the Armenians established their vineyards in Iran, Turkey and Iraq. The Greeks and Romans had a high demand for raisins and then other countries started to use raisins as well.

Iran is the third largest exporter of raisin in the world by exporting 92,000 tons (7% global Consumption) of raisins worth around 70 million dollars annually. The advantage of Iranian Raisins is principally its price and different methods of processing, and that’s the reason why Iranian Raisins are amongst the finest raisins in the world.

Golden raisins (Angori) can grow in any parts of Iran due to favorable geographical and environmental situation. The main characteristics of this type of Iranian raisins can be described as pure golden color along with sweet and fruity taste that anybody would differentiate it. This type of raisin genuinely comes from Thompson seedless raisins that normally some sulfur dioxide adds to them in order to maintain its golden color.


Kashmari raisins are normally long in shape and sweet and sour in taste. Due to adding sulfur fumigation as well as shade drying the color of kashmari is green. Same as golden process gets dried, treated with vegetable oil, mechanical cleaning, followed by laser and hand sorting in order to detect foreign materials. All these procedures are taken in extremely hygienic conditions.

Sultana raisins are normally come from the best finest types of seedless grapes. The process of sultana raisins is slightly different than other types of raisins first of all sultana raisins need to be washed and sorted preferably twice followed by dipping and placing in edible oil and lastly get dried.


Malayer raisins are famous for their nutrition benefits, as they are known as a great source for fibers as well as antioxidants. This type of raisins can be used in cooking different dishes, confectionaries and etc. One of main reasons for being famous of Malayer raisins is being reasonable in prices and various buyers with different purchasing powers can afford it.

Sun-Dried Raisins as it is obvious from its name this type of raisins are dried in the sun and no chemical stuff are added, hence the color of this type is much darker than the other raisins. Yet, this type of raisins is from Black rains family, it can be considered as black raisins.


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